Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet Treats

One Christmas about six years ago, I received a package of bath products from a friend of mine. I hadn't bothered with it until a couple years later, and I have been using the products every so often to preserve what is left.

These products are from Wal-mart, surprisingly enough, and are favorites of mine! Candy Apple is the trademark scent in this package, and the shower gel smells AMAZING! It even stays after stepping out of the shower, which surprises me to no end because not even my Sun Ripened Raspberries shower gel really does that. It smells SO yummy too. The little bath beads are lovely, yet they really are too small to do much. They used to give off a nice, strong scent, however they don't really anymore...Also, there was a lotion that once was in this package, but because I hadn't used it in a long time, the lotion dried up. That was a sad discovery....

These gifts came in a nice snowflake tin, which is cute to boot and very practical for storing my soaps in. Although this is a product from Wal-mart, I give it 10/10. Not only was it inexpensive (I assume) but it also is wonderful to use. Also, my skin can get pretty irritated by certain products, but this "cheap" product doesn't hurt my skin one bit!

How festive, eh? What is your favorite non-expensive product package? Not all inexpensive products are horrible after all!

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