Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hip Hop Candy Review


Hello, my dearies! I apologize for not updating in what seems like an eternity. I have been incredibly busy with college classes and work, however my classes are over-for now.

I am taking this opportunity of free time to write a review for my latest Hip Hop Candy order.

As you all know, I am an immense fan of this gal's work-her beauty products are fantastic! In my recent purchase, I purchased the Earth Soy Candle, Rainy Days foaming body wash, Banana Cream Cupcake body lotion, and a compact mirror.

The Earth Soy candle is a lovely candle to add to my collection. Not only is it compacted in a cute, tiny tin with a lovely hand-designed drawing by the seller herself, but it smells wonderful. This candle has what it implies; an Earthy scent. It smells very organic and herbal to me, reminiscent of Lush's Dream herbal series. Because Lush does not carry a candle as such, I am happy to have found this little guy. He will definitely come in handy when I need those nice days of cooling off and relaxing.

Speaking of cooling off and relaxing, her Rainy Days foaming body wash does the same effect. This body wash smells like fresh, spring linen and fallen rain. As I smell it now, I am taken back to soothing nights with my friends, sitting out in the rain and soaking in the solitude and comfort of our own thoughts. A very nice body wash to add to one's collection, needless to say.

The Banana Cream Cupcake body lotion smells mouth-watering and absolutely yummy, I can't stand it. Well, I can, because quite frankly I love this too much. It smells just like fresh bananas and cream, tantalizing to the mind and teasing to the taste buds. The body lotion contains sunflower oil, which is a fantastic and healthy beauty substitute in place of harmful chemicals and such, which proves that Miss HHC knows what she is doing. The lotion is creamy and soaks well into dry hands, softening them for a bit. I would definitely recommend this.

And finally, the compact mirror. This mirror was purchased for my best friend, so I have yet to still give it to her, although I am positive she will adore it. The picture is absolutely adorable and quality of the mirror, grand. It is akin to one somebody might buy at the store, quite honestly!

In conclusion, another fantastic purchased made at Hip Hop Candy's store. I hope to buy more soon, and I also hope that you, my darlings, will soon check her out if you have not!

Her website is linked right here: Hip Hop Candy

Enjoy! (Also, watch out for any coupon codes she may have on her Deviant Art or Facebook page. She likes to give those out, which are great to catch when you can because you can purchase more products, and thus have more enjoyment.)