Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beauty Bags Galore!

This is the first beauty bag of mine that I will be doing a review over.

I have to say, first off, that I ADORE collecting beauty and makeup bags! They're a fantastic accessory for any girl (or guy, if so) to have! They're so convenient when needed to store makeup products OR to organize jewelry and such! Plus, with so many sizes, so many colors and styles to choose from, how could you NOT buy a beauty bag?

This is the current bag that I am using to store my immediate makeup products. I adore the design and color especially, but it really drew my eye because it reminds me of a classic Greek design. Blue and white are also a favorite color palette of mine.

The bag was issued as a sample bag with sample makeup products inside. Although my mom was the one who received the bag and products inside, she was generous enough to give me the bag. It is issued by Estee Lauder.

The inside is a dark blue as well, nice and silky and shiny. The bag itself is very lightweight and easy to carry by hand-I have tiny hands, so sometimes gripping a bag is a bit difficult when weight down with makeup.

More makeup bags are to come, so please check back! Tell me, what is your favorite storage device for storing makeup?

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