Saturday, April 16, 2011

Purple Exotic Lashes

My best friend bought me a duo pack of purple mascara and sparkly black eyeliner for Christmas. She knows me extremely well because purple has been my obsessive color for the past year.

The purple mascara is called 1000 Lashes and issued by Hard Candy, as is the eyeliner that it came with. The purple mascara is relatively easy to put on, although the wand bristles are a bit too trimmed down, and it isn't messy. It is relatively waterproof and stays on throughout the entire day without losing it's color. When I first applied the mascara, I was hoping to see a bright, vibrant color of purple. However, I couldn't see anything really at all! When I went to my classes later that day though, I was receiving compliments from left and right on the purple color. Although I still cannot see the color when I put on the mascara, I am confident that others can.

The eyeliner pencil is a simple black eyeliner with a sparkly edge. The sparkles ARE visible, and the pencil draws on an eyelid very well; the strokes are easy and smooth. I had never stepped out of my comfort zone with eyeliner, only using a brown to go with my blue eyes, but I feel comfortable using this black pencil. The name, Abyss, also gives it an amount of charm.

These products can be purchased at Walmart, so they are not too hard to get a hold of. 

What is your favorite mascara product or eyeliner product to use?

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