Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Dark Kiss For Me

I LOVE THIS LOTION! Excuse me while I proceed to fan-rave about this product.

I LOVE it!

This lotion, Dark Kiss, is simply enticing. It smells SO sweet, yet it has a velvety rich edge.

The product has key fragrance scents such as vanilla, dark berries, and plum. The website, at Bath and Body Works, spells out a more detailed description for this seductive body lotion.

What I have is a smaller version of the larger bottle, which can be purchased I believe. However, I also know that I received another bottle free from a promotion they were holding at the release of it last year, so the friend who gave this bottle to me as a gift may have gotten it from the free deal. Thus, the smaller bottle may no longer be in stock anymore. Just a heads up, I'm not sure. I'll look into it later.

Tell me, what is your favorite lotion? As you know, I am in love with the Sun Ripened Raspberry lotions, Dark Kiss, and soon there will be more of my favorites revealed!

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