Sunday, April 17, 2011

On the Road To Soft Hands

Satin Hands Pampering Set by Mary Kay is a life-saver. Or a hand-saver, rather.

In the Winter time, many hands become drier, sometimes cracked, and despite the pounds of lotion slathered on, nothing seems to help! However, I find that Satin Hands Pampering Set is a wonderful product to use to help this problem. My hands aren't dry in the first place, but I still love to feel the soft smoothness of my hands after using this product. It's like a dream!

The set comes with four bottles. First, the Extra Emollient Night Cream.
This cream is smooth, yet a bit waxy. The instructions say to massage the amount between hands and fingers.

The second product is the Satin Hands Buffing Cream.

This cream is rubbed between the fingers and on the hand as well. It is a bit coarse, but this is to rub away at the dry skin. Those with sensitive hands should find this product not very painful to use (I have sensitive hands), although the first time may be uncomfortable.

The third product is the Satin Hands Cleansing Gel.
After having rubbed both the Night Cream and Buffing Cream on your hands, next is the Satin Hands Cleansing Gel. This gel is very light and very smooth, a relief after the Buffing Cream. Having rubbed all of these onto the hands, the instructions say to rinse hands under warm water. Finally, after having dried them, the last bottle, Satin Hands Hand Cream, is used.

This lotion is made with SPF 4 and is a sunscreen to protect hands. However, I rarely use this after having completed the process. I usually go for another lotion of my choice, preferably Dark Kiss instead, to make my hands smell nicer than the slightly-unpleasant smell from the lotion.

Overall, I would recommend this product. It is fantastic, I have been using it for years, and they have a newer version which is packaged a lot nicer and smells a bit better (my version of the product is from 2000, so...).

Tell me, what's your favorite hand product to use? Would you consider buying this after having read the review?

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