Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So, About That Bag I Wanted...

So, there was a bag that I mentioned in my first bag review which I really wanted, but my mom and I had decided to let her keep that bag and give me the other one. Well....
 This is that bag! It's a smaller version of her much larger one, but I am VERY happy! I was fortunate enough to find it in her bathroom and snagged it (of course I asked permission to keep it before stealing it away).
It is my new brush bag, and I ADORE it! It is just big enough to hold them! The inside is a silky blue material, and the outside is faux snake skin. I am usually not one for faux-ANYTHING-animal skins, however...the color is extremely pretty. I couldn't pass it up! The bag is from Estee Lauder~

Are you one for animal-skin, faux or real, bags, or not?

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