Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Vant To Bite Your Neck-lace (Hahaha~)

I bought this necklace from Claires (which is a store I evidently like, I now realize) and it is part of the True Blood franchise, I believe...? I honestly don't watch that show, but I have an IMMENSE interest in vampires and such. When I saw the necklace, I went berserk and bought it, haha. It is my favorite necklace to wear with a nice Twilight shirt-I own only one-or another printed tee. Although I wouldn't classify myself really as a person who is into "punk" or "gothic" things, vampires and fangs spark my interest. I commend those who are into goth and punk things because those styles are so admirable and creative!

All in all, this is a favorite piece of mine. :[

What is your favorite supernatural creature?

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