Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lush Christmas Haul Part 2

I apologize, life always gets in the way of my blogging-I am a bad blogger, I deserve a slap on the wrist.

I have, since my first Lush Christmas Haul post, been testing out all of the products for reviewing.

First up is the Dreamtime Bath Melt. 

These bars are full of chamomile, sandalwood and lavender, most which are sleep inducing-specifically the chamomile. These bars are creamy and dreamy, giving off an organic, herbal scent. Once dropped under running water, these babies last a long while-LONG while-and keep your bath water nice and milky. Almond oil, another key ingredient, keeps skin soft and makes for an alluring bath and silky-smooth finish afterwards.

I highly recommend this product; it is wonderful and sleep inducing. However, there was one personal issue for me-the almond oil. I am allergic to almonds, and I suspected something when the water turned SO silky, that I felt I'd never experienced that level of silkiness from a product before. I immediately jumped out and checked my phone, discovering the infamous almond oil. Despite my allergic scare, it really would've been a lovely bath and is delicious for skin-softening. The bars are relatively cheap and can be broken into chunks for multi-use and pleasure.

Atomic Toothy Tabs.

Lush has released what may be considered a long awaited product, toothpaste! However, it isn't toothpaste, they're Toothy Tabs! Toothy Tabs are small chewable tabs that are crushed between the front teeth and then brushed with a tooth brush. A foam is created inside the mouth and water is used to rinse it out.

What I enjoy most about these are that they're environmentally safe, not using up plastic bottles for toothpaste distribution. Also, the tabs are *delicious*. This one in particular is wonderful because it doesn't leave a bad aftertaste inside the mouth, so anyone can drink orange juice if so desired afterwards! Seriously, the tabs have baking soda which whitens teeth, and this particular case has key ingredients of chamomile and clove bud oil. I purchased "Aqua" for my friend-not on their United States website-and I look forward to updating you all on that one to see how she liked it. There are about five different Toothy Tab flavors, each for specific teeth and flavor. Although $3.95 may seem expensive for our US buyers, it is reassuring to know that there are *a lot* of tabs in one box. Plus, you're helping the environment.

Finally, my favorite Mange Too Massage Bar.

This treat looks delectable and delicious, and apparently you can eat it! It is made with bananas, white chocolate and honey-three of my favorite foods. When I discovered this gem last summer, I was stoked to get it and did for Christmas. It smells delightful and is mouth-watering.

The massage bar is simply used as it sounds, as a massage bar. Rub your hands over it or rub it on skin for soft, delicious smelling skin. It is one of my favorite products by far and is listed at a great price, considering how long it will last. It's fair in size and volume, so it should last me quite a while. I adore it and highly recommend it.

Until next time, m'dears, I shall be heading off to work on some other much needed tasks.

Tell me, which product strikes your fancy?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lush Christmas Haul Part 1

Hello, my dears!

This Christmas was certainly a very "lush"ious Christmas-cue the badumpsh-and I wanted to review the items I received.

This is not a bragging entry, this is an entry to help those interested in buying Lush products who can't decide what to purchase.

My best friend is who I give all of my thanks to for these products, and I believe she was happy with the products I purchased for her from Lush as well.

First off, she gave me a Big Blue bathbomb, which I have been in love with since the summertime when I first tried one.

It contains seaweed within the ball, which is healthy for skin, as well as sea salt which provides soft skin and is a stress reducer. This bath bomb receives another big rating from me, as I gave it when I reviewed it previously.

The second product she gave me was the Gingerbread House Bubble Bar, which has a defining hint of ginger, the key ingredient to this product.

This product was so creamy and filled the bath tub with bubbles, as well as little sprinkles. It changed the water orange, quite predictable from the color of its solid form, and permeated a strong scent of raw ginger. It was relaxing and certainly heated me up faster than other bath bombs I have tried.

The third product she gave was the Stepping Stone foot scrub, which has signature scents of lemon and lime, lemongrass being the feature ingredient.

This foot scrub is a delight and it is made to be used multiple times, rather than just as a one-time use. To some it may seem rough on the skin, but after a few uses, it doesn't feel as rough. It is used to scrape dead skin cells off of dry feet, smoothen them out and let them heal. It should not be dipped in the water or put under running water, as a word of caution. This happened to me, where I dipped it in the water, and it began to disintegrate immediately. I literally screamed, because I thought that I had just wasted the product, but it left half of it for me to use. Live and learn, right? I would recommend dipping your feet in warm water and then scrubbing with the foot product dry, to keep more and for best results. Highly recommend this!

This is a two-part blog post, so I will post the second part in the next day or so, depending.

Which product from Lush do you want to try the most?