Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sun Ripened Raspberries Never Smelled So Sweet~

This is a favorite brand of mine, Bath and Body Works, and I adore this signature scent of there's. Sun Ripened Raspberries smells as delicious as it sounds, a strong, pervading scent of sweet raspberries mixed with Florida orange, apple, and a base scent of vanilla.

I found a bottle of lotion with this spectacular scent about three or so years ago while rummaging through the towel closet, and I was extremely pleased. Not only that, but I also had found a bottle of shower gel with the same scent as well as a bar of soap (which was disappointing because I believe, if possible, that it had expired...). After using the bottles to their fill, I decided to seek out more products from the same scent-line, but came out empty handed. It turns out that this scent is no longer available in stores!
However, not giving up hope, I found their products online, and more than that, to my delight. On Bath and Body Work's webpage, they offer shower gel, regular lotion, body lotion, a perfume-y spray, hand soap, and scent plug-ins! This past Christmas, my grandparents had purchased for me two shower gels, two regular lotions, one body lotion, one perfume spray, and two hand soaps!

The hand soap on the left, as you can see, is nearly empty. I have been using this product since Christmas, and I never tire of the drooling scent it permeates.
The bottle next to it has yet to be opened, but I'm saving that for when the first hand soap kicks the bucket, haha!
The body lotion is very nice, however I have an almond allergy, therefore I can't use it...Quite a disappointment, but the hand soap beside it is just as nice and can be used on the body as well. The hand soap compensates for those who are allergic to almond like I am.
The shower gel is wonderful and smells delicious in the shower, however upon stepping out of the shower there is a subtle scent. Perhaps I just can't smell it because it's on me, and scents don't seem as strong to people once they've become accustomed to it after putting it on, but I still continue to use this product almost daily. It leaves my skin soft, which is good enough for me! Only one is shown in the picture because the other one is in my shower, nearly finished as well, haha!
Finally, the perfume-y spray seen on the far right is going to have to be my favorite product out of the line. I use this spray to give myself a nice-smelling boost before classes, or even to lighten the air in a room. I would recommend this out of all the products, but I am extremely partial to spritz sprays.

If anyone has any questions, please ask! I'm willing to share more products in the future, so please keep reading~! Also, if anybody has any products to recommend, please do! What is your favorite Bath and Body product?


  1. aw that sucks to have almond allergy :(
    I'm allergic to some mints and seafood :p
    I still like to eat seafood though ahhaha :p
    I love their foaming soaps too! :3
    last time they had a sale and I bought 5 of them :p

  2. Hi, ~kAy~!

    I'm sorry that you're allergic to some mints and seafood! Seafood is another allergy of mine as well. Does the mint allergy hold you back from certain makeup products, out of curiosity?
    I heard that they're having another sale currently with their foaming soaps. You should check it out! :) I was in their store two days ago and got to sample the different soaps, and they're delicious~!
    Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful day!