Monday, April 11, 2011

Pleasures Delight

Pardon the unoriginal title.

This perfume was purchased last year as a gift for my Birthday-moms are the best-and I am head over heels for it. This perfume is my signature scent, I'd have to say, and I choose it over my other perfume scents most of the time.

Although the bottle isn't very creative in terms of shape or glass color, I think it looks quite sophisticated, which is good enough for me! And although the color of the liquid appears orange, it's really a pinkish color. Yummy~! Haha! The packaging is pretty cute as well!

 The perfume is issued by Estee Lauder, and it is made with a lot of ingredients..that I will not be typing out. However, bold scents of this perfume include vanilla, patchouli, rose, and marshmallow. If you aren't one for a flowery scent, then I wouldn't recommend this perfume. However, I think it smells like the epitome of flowers and a Spring day, so it's rather bright and cheery.

Sorry for the short review, I am having allergy problems and really can't think very well...But tell me, what is your favorite perfume scent?

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