Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh La La~

I was at a Model United Nations conference later in the week and had the privilege of going shopping while there. I bought this ring, along with another item that I will mention later on in the week, and was very excited after purchasing it!

The ring is basically two rings put together, which is only shown underneath my fingers. I was intrigued with the design and managed to snag the last one!

Although the ring restricts my pointer finger and middle finger together, I can still do normal tasks with my left hand with not a lot of problems at all.

I was also very happy with the price of this ring! It was on sale for $99.99! HAH, just kidding. I got the ring at Claire's for $3.50, and the original asking price was $8.50. If there's nothing I love more than buying expensive rings that look nice, it's buying cheaper rings that are unique and fun.

Tell me, what does your favorite ring look like? Do you prefer cheaper or more expensive rings?

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