Monday, August 1, 2011

Pretty Jewels, Pretty Finds

I was ecstatic to receive in the mail today a ring from Charlotte Russe. But not any ring..the same ring, albeit chunkier, like the one I lost in the airport!

This baby cost me $12.00 with shipping, which isn't too bad, but is quite a bit more than I paid for the replica of this from Claire's which I lost in the airport bathroom last month. My father actually found this online for me, and bless him because I'd been moaning and groaning over the loss of my other one. This, among other things, brightened up my day today.

My mom was going through her sterling silver jewelry today, and happened across a few bracelets she didn't want. These aren't sterling, but I still think they're cute and classic.
And finally, I found buttons today that looked gorgeous and classic as well! Aren't these beautiful? I don't know what I will use them for, but I know that more crafting is in store for the future!

Pardon my lazy blogging today. I will hopefully share more makeup related reviews tomorrow or later on this week.

What bracelet do you wear the most? Are you for gold or for silver?

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