Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gracious Gifts

Sometimes All the time I feel like I have the best friend in the entire world. Enough said.

Anyway, so on Thursday, she went shopping and brought me back a few goodies from Bath and Body Works.

The first of these is the lotion directed at left, which is called Paris Amour. I am a fan of their lotions, but had never heard of this one before she bought it. It smells SO amazing. Once applied, it smells rosy and floral and strong, but then turns into a citrus-y smell. Quiet odd to describe, but simply fantastic! However, once going on to their website to see the fragrances, this is what I got: French tulips, apple blossoms and pink champagne. Well, I've never smelled tulips-at least not in a while-nor have I smelled pink champagne, so I could just have a really bad nose for smelling, or you can take my word for it anyway that it's amazing.

The second item she got me was this amazing smelling hand sanitizer with bats on it. The smell is "gum ball" and very mouth watering. Also, may I add that the bats glow in the dark. How's that for some hand sanitizer fun? She's gotten me many, and now I can add this to my wonderful collection with Vampire Blood and Bat Bite.

I was very fortunate to receive a couple of other special gifts this week, one being from my mother's god-mother. She's Greek, so when they came back from Greece she bought my mother and me "Evil Eye" bracelets. The evil bracelet is supposed to ward off evil. It's very stylish and cute as well.

Also, a family friend of ours are Chinese, and they just got back from China this week! They were very sweet and brought me back a gorgeous bracelet by Chengxin jewelry.

What special gift have you gotten from a friend or from family?

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