Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Cosmos Review

I consider this review "beauty" related because I recently ordered a, what I would consider to be, makeup bag from an Etsy store called Happy Cosmos.

I had had my eyes on this particular item for about a year now, and I noticed that she was having a sale in her store, so I decided to finally purchase it. I didn't want anyone else snagging it!

What I ordered was a makeup bag/pencil pouch of a Kappa. The Kappa is an, in my opinion, adorable Japanese mythological creature.

Isn't that adorable?! The pouch was wrapped in that pretty pink tissue paper, a sweet touch if I do say so myself.

The package also came with a kind note from Wendy, the maker of this product, which is seen below alongside a couple business cards. I think it's smart on her part to put two business cards in because now I can give one to my friends! I love advertising self-owned businesses, they deserve love; especially hers because it's so cute!

Finally, I found a little surprise! It literally made me coo aloud, it was so-let me find more synonyms for cute, haha-precious!

Isn't that cute?! Such a tiny surprise. The little things in life literally make me happy. Thank you, Wendy!

IN CONCLUSION, her shop is great, you guys should go check it out here: Here!

Thank you again, Wendy, keep up the fantastic work!

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