Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Kitty Mac Kabuki Brush Review

I purchased a Hello Kitty kabuki brush off of Ebay two weeks ago and received it last week. Finally after half a week of having it, I've decided to write a review.

Right off the bat I can say that I love this brush, and it was better than I anticipated. The brush is primarily used for applying blush, which is what I've been using it for every single day, and it applies the blush so well. Kabuki brushes are well known for having a blunt tip so that when blush is applied, it spreads on evenly and over the cheekbone perfectly; that's exactly what it does! My previous blush brush didn't work well and would add too much blush to one cheek while smudging blush on the other. It looked like a mess, which is why I purchased this life saver. Now my blush is completely even, the right amount is applied, and the blush doesn't remain on the brush after use so I can easily use it for something else. A little goes a long way with this brush.

The brush may appear tiny, but it's perfect for traveling and daily use, as explained above.

I also really liked the cute touch of Hello Kitty.

The brush is from MAC and was part of their Hello Kitty line, however because they no longer carry that line, I had to purchase it on Ebay. Truth be told I was hesitant at first because the brush hairs evidently are made of wool, which I am allergic to, however I had a feeling that if I gave it a try it wouldn't hurt. I was correct, the brush doesn't irritate my skin at all. Perhaps things are looking up for my allergies as well?

Aside from that small tangent, this is the bag that the brush came in. It's just..perfect, honestly, because of its teensy size! I love it.

Would you consider using a kabuki brush, or have you used a kabuki brush before? Would you necessarily buy from the Hello Kitty brand?


  1. Such an adorable brush! Thanks for the review. I love kabuki brushes!

    Re: a product that will hold the colour in your hair, i've heard lots of good things about the Loreal Elvive Colour Protect range. I haven't tried it as I'm trying to grow out my hair colour at the moment.

  2. Thank you, Penelope! I am happy to hear you liked the review and are a fan of kabuki brushes as well!

    Thank you very much for the reply, I appreciate it! I'm torn between keeping my long hair or cutting it, however I think I may try that product to tame the frizziness.