Monday, August 15, 2011

Hip Hop Candy Haul Review Part 1


Hey, guys! Okay, this is "part one" because I am too excited to post a review about the products I bought from Hip Hop Candy to wait on the body wash and do a review after I've tried it.

So! Hip Hop Candy is an online store run by a woman in New York who makes her own products! And I must say, she is talented, and her products are fantastic!

The first set of products I bought are shown below, and they include "Blue Raspberry Fizz" body spray, "Raspberry Lemonade" body spray, and "Frosted Cupcake" foaming body wash. First off, they all smell amazing, especially..well, all of them! The Frosted Cupcake is SO yummy smelling, as is the Blue Raspberry Fizz, and the Raspberry Lemonade is sweet. They all smell pretty much like the real deal, which surprised me and delighted me to no end.

I loved them so much that I HAD to share them with my close friends and family, and they were in love with the smells as well, especially the Blue Raspberry Fizz (which is my personal favorite).

My package also came with a button that I ordered for my very good friend, as well as a cute business card and wonderful freebie gift, the whimsical and equally cute bookmark! The bookmark happily surprised me because I had really liked it when looking on her site.

Overall, I was EXTREMELY happy with my purchase. Not a single product let me down, and my friend loved her bunny button-it was super great because it came on a day when she wasn't feeling too well and needed a sweet surprise.

The products were well made and encased in appropriate containers, and almost seemed like real products one would buy off the shelf at a beauty store! They have a paper coating which advertises the name of the product and shows ingredients on the back. One thing that I'm concerned about is the paper melting off in the shower for the body wash, but that really isn't a problem. The bookmark and business card both are laminated in super thick lamination (?), which assures me that they won't bend or tear easily-or at all! The button is just like a professional button one would buy from a store like Claires-I just pulled a store from the top of my head, but it really is well made, to get to my point. If I'm not mistaken, she also does all of the artwork for her stationary, bookmarks, business cards, buttons, etcetera herself, which shows how creative and multi-talented she is as a business dealer and artist.

One last thing that I appreciated was the fast shipping! I had read she wasn't feeling too well but still shipped my products despite feeling under the weather! That shows a wonderful characteristic of a great business dealer. My products arrived in four days!

Thank you, Hip Hop Candy, for the amazing products and free gift, I deeply appreciate it! Your business is great and didn't disappoint me one bit-I was confident it wouldn't though! Keep up the fantastic work that you do.

Tell me, bloggers, have you shopped at her store before? If so, what did you get and did you like the product(s)? If not, would you consider it? Her products are perfect when wanting to stay on budget as well, so I recommend her all the way.


  1. Aww, such adorable purchases! Thanks for sharing! I've not shopped from her store before but everything looks so cute!

  2. Penelope, thank you! Thank you for the comment I appreciate it! I know that she ships worldwide, so I would recommend giving her products a shot. I am stoked to try the body wash!