Monday, August 15, 2011

Hip Hop Candy Haul Review Part 2



So, I took a shower tonight to try the new body wash that I'd purchased from Hip Hop Candy, "Frosted Cupcake".

I must say that the body wash slightly disappointed me because it made my skin rough after I washed it off, but honestly what soap isn't rough? The only soaps that I've found soft after washing off are Bath and Body soaps, therefore it's difficult for me to be super pleased with any soap or body wash that isn't from Bath and Body Works' line.

The pros to the body wash include the label not coming off (! I was super happy about that!) and the smell. It smelled so fantastic in the shower. However, I can't smell it on my body at all right now, so it doesn't linger.

All in all, pretty good body wash. I'll use it in the shower I think when I want to smell that yummy cupcake smell, but otherwise I won't use it as my definite body wash. It lathers on well, may I add, which was another plus!

Thank you again, Hip Hop Candy, and although this wasn't one of my more optimistic reviews, I still deeply appreciate the products you make and am satisfied with the body wash. It just smells too good for me to be begrudging towards those minute cons.

Would you be willing to try one of her body washes? They certainly would make wonderful party favors or gifts, I think! As I said before, I am super picky with my soaps. Not even Lush's soaps could impress me, and that's saying something.

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