Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lavender Shock and Gorgeous Blush

I finally tried the last of my trio, the infamous Lavender bath bomb.

I was pleasantly surprised, both by the smell and result! It pervaded my bathroom with a lovely, aromatic scent of Lavender, and turned my bathwater purple! That honestly excited me more than the smell, haha~

Today, I decided to splurge on blush-my normal, one shaded blush from Mary Kay costs about $5.00-and bought a lovely, mineral blush by Physicians Formula.

The palette was so pretty, I couldn't resist! The color is PERFECT on my pale skin as well and gives me a bit of shine and color. It cost me about $10.00, but I am thrilled with the outcome.

This is a bit trivial as well, but I was THRILLED that the pearl was on the blush container when I took the blush out. I thought it was attached to a plastic surface on the inside of the box, but it turned out that that plastic surface was the container itself! It adds to the prettiness of the it all, I think~

Also, one thing I really enjoyed about the blush is that it contains natural pearl and is allergen free, which is wonderful for those who are allergic to EVERYTHING like me. And! And, and, and there is a built in compartment which contains a mirror and brush!
What is your favorite blush to wear? What colors do you prefer? Any brand preference?


  1. Such a lovely looking blush! how gorgeous is that pearl! Am glad you're really pleased with your blush. It sounds perfect!

  2. Thank you, Penelope! It is wonderful, I have been impressed these past few days while using it. It actually stays on all day, whereas my other blush could never last that long on my cheeks. It surprises me that a Mary Kay product can't last that long.