Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lush Splurge and Goodies Galore

Over vacation, a friend and I went to a mall and went crazy at the Lush store!

Because I hadn't gotten a bath bomb for myself the last time, I decided to splurge and get one that I've had my eye on for a while. 

Yes, ladies, it's Big Blue! I was able to try a sample in the store, and it was delightful. The seaweed, which is mixed in with this soothing scented piece, helps soften skin and adds a bit of health to it. I was arrested immediately once I read it on their site and am anxious to try this out.

Also, some samples were in order.
Honey I Washed The Kids is a favorite by a blogger I follow, Melanie from Beauty and Bows, and I decided that I wanted to try it. It smells delicious, I love honey, so what could it hurt? I also got a teensy bit of Dream Cream because I loved it so much after giving it to my friend. It's quite nice, I'd recommend it!

After Lush, we went shopping around a bit to other stores, including Teavana-wonderful tea store, although wasn't really excited to pay the price for only 2 ounces-and I got a Black Chai tea called Taj Masala. It is spicy and gives a kick. Of course, I adore chai, so it was definitely worth every penny. I believe tea is wonderful for the soul, and it gives me an air of grace when I drink it, haha!

Afterwards, and a few other stores later, we headed into Claires. My friend bought a ring, which broke not even a couple hours later, which is very disappointing. However, she bought me a bracelet which is a bit childish but adorable and sweet.

I am currently into pearls, and the sweet pink faux pearl caught my attention.

Then came Sephora, a popular makeup store in the United States. It is VERY expensive in my opinion, however I bought an eye primer pen which was on sale.

The unfortunate thing is that the pen no longer works. How upsetting..

Overall, a pretty good shopping trip, I'd say! Lush was my aim, and that ended successfully. I thought later about how much I wanted other samples!

And now, for the other goodies. My friend and I went to a fun, child-aimed museum and bought a "Help Japan" Hello Kitty doll. It is too precious, and what filled me with joy was that the proceeds went to Japan's disaster!

I'm honestly a sucker for dolls.

Also, while walking back to our hotel, she found an unopened bottle of lotion on the ground in our cellar. It seems a little unorthodox to pick up a bottle of lotion on the ground, however it is from Bath and Body Works, and I honestly couldn't pass it up!

It smells delicious and may become another favorite of mine from Bath and Body.

Have you found anything neat on the ground that you've kept? What was your best Lush or Sephora purchase? If none, would you be interested in shopping there?

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