Friday, July 29, 2011

Top Ten: A List For Pampering

Hello, girlies! I've decided to comprise a top ten list of girlie pampering ideas. I love pampering myself, as I find it a perfect way to de-stress after a taxing day.

1) If you're feeling down or angry, try making a journal. Make one yourself, or find a pretty notebook from a local store or craft store. I found the one below at Hobby Lobby, the roses were too pretty to let this $1.00 baby go. Writing is a great way to lay down your thoughts and de-stress, as it helps let go of your anger or dismay. With mine, I write down positive moments from my day that made me happy and plan for my blog in it. I find enjoyment out of planning for my blog, and writing down things that made you happy that day is wonderful to look back on for a pep up.

2) Relaxing piano music is wonderful to listen to when pampering oneself. I've tried listening to metal before, believe me, and that only triggers migraines which cause more stress and pain rather than help. Yiruma is a gorgeous, Korean pianist who is calming. Might I suggest Kiss the Rain, as it sounds nostalgic and relaxing. Kiss the Rain-Yiruma

3) Taking a nice long bath with bath bombs is great for relaxation. The warm water soothes while the bath bomb's aroma fills the bathroom and clears the mind with a delicious scent. Bath bombs also leave the skin soft and fresh. I love Body Nature's bath bombs, although I've heard that Lush has some great ones as well. For Lush Bath Bombs, Go Here

4) After your hot bath, some lotion couldn't kill, so slather that stuff on. It keeps your skin from drying out after a nice bath, and leaves it soft to touch all evening. If you have dry skin like me sometimes, then there you go, it's perfect! Smother it all over your legs, arms, face, etc. Don't forget to grab a warm bathrobe and some fuzzy slippers for a super boost of girliness. Both my robe and slippers happen to be pink and fleece. Super soft~!

5) You can put makeup on after you're dry, however I prefer not to and instead let my natural beauty shine. It's great to let your skin breath every once and awhile and allows confidence of natural beauty to build up. I am beautiful without makeup, and so are you. Even though you may not be showing the world whilst in your robe and fuzzy slippers at home, you yourself are reassured, and that's a great feeling.

6) A movie can always be in order afterwards, preferably a romantic one. It really depends on your mood. I love romance movies and usually pop in "Pride and Prejudice" for a boost of happiness. It's classic, witty, cute and very girly. So you're not into that, but want something girly, then may I suggest "Gilmore Girls" or, goodness forbid, "Sex In the City". That show can be crude at times, but it promotes strong women and real life situation dealings. The clothing they wear in that show is so chic and inspiring to me, I can't help but catch a few clips of it when I can.

7) Treat yourself to a treat. I prefer strawberry cupcakes with pink icing, simply because my best friend can make them like no other, and they're VERY girlie looking. Put them on a decorative, effeminate plate and enjoy! So you gain a few calories, if you're bothered by packing on those pounds, try something healthier that is just as cute, such as carrots or grapes. I like strawberries myself; with a little bit of sugar, they're tasty and girly!

8) Tea is also a nice treat to have. I love tea, I honestly can't express how much. I'm a Chai girl myself. Black tea is a bit hard to build up to if just drinking it head on without having had tea drinking experience before-seriously-so might I suggest lemon or mint tea. Both are just as tasty, calming, cool and relaxing. Personally, I love adding honey to my tea, no matter what kind it is. Honey is also a great food for staying healthy, among other amazing reasons. I may do a honey post some other time and spare you guys for now.

9) Candles smell great and are calming as well. Just by watching the flickering flame, I become entranced and relaxed from the smell the candle(s) pervade(s). My favorite candles right now include vanilla tea lights, pumpking spice tealights, and berry red tealights, all which are inexpensive! You don't need to buy an expensive candle to enjoy it. All candles are lovely. Below is a French tealight candle display that my Godmother gave to me for my Birthday this year.

10) Finally, a friend to do most of these things with. Have a sleepover, it doesn't matter how old you are. Dress up in cute pajamas-might I suggest indulging yourself in a cute pair of pajamas that you'll love, mine are floral and silk-watch a cute movie-Tangled is really nice as well!-eat those cupcakes and fruits, share lotions, light candles and give each other pep talks! Also, raiding each other's closets is pretty fun, haha~! Have fun, and enjoy your pampering, because you've deserved it!

What do YOU like to do to relax? Do you have pamper days often?

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