Thursday, July 28, 2011

Belated Bath Reviews

I have had three bottles of bubble bath, two empty-to nearly empty, sitting underneath my sink for a while, and I think it's about time I write reviews for them.

First on my list is a Hyvee branded bubblebath. This bubblebath is bubblegum scented, and is DELICIOUS. It is a child's brand, however I find that adults can find just as much pleasure from this as a young one. It's fantastic. Not too expensive, not too high class, and yummy! Next is the Pirates of the Caribbean bubblebath featured to the right. The scent is "Mariner's Musk", and this bubblebath was gifted to me long ago whilst in my "pirate phase". Honestly, I didn't like it. It turned my bath water an odd blue green color and smelled terrible. It was honestly too musky. Not my cup of tea. Finally, the bottom right featured bubblebath is from Avon and smells of roses. This one is nice. Just nice, really. The scent is VERY strong. Of course, I added a lot of bubblebath, however I love A LOT of bubbles. If you're for rose scents, then I would definitely recommend this! If not, well..this isn't your cup of tea either.

Also, today I tried a bath bomb that my friend purchased for me from the Mr. Bubbles company. It was shaped like the character and was supposed to smell of bubblegum. It didn't, however it DID turn my bathwater pink, which was wickedly awesome.

Overall, not too bad. I'm still searching for the perfect bubblebath.

What is your favorite bubblebath?

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