Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Dark Kisses and Bombs Away

Hello everyone! I have just had a lovely pampering day with my new bath products!

To start off, while on vacation I decided to buy a small travel bottle of shower gel from Bath and Body Works. I had so many to pick from but ended up choosing Dark Kiss. I tell you all, it smells even better than both the lotion and spray! It has such a refreshing, fruity scent, very delicious! I was so excited to use it, that I decided to cheat and use it before traveling once more. SO amazing, I can't describe it. I recommend buying/trying the entire Dark Kiss collection!

Next on my list: bath bombs! My dearest bestie was kind and gave me a pack of bath bombs when I came back! The "bath bomb trio" from Village Naturals Bath Shoppe contained Vanilla Amber, White Tea and Jasmine, and Lavender and Chamomile. So far, I have tried the first two and have been EXTREMELY pleased.

Vanilla Amber turned my bath water a lovely, petal pink and emanated a lovely scent which immediately calmed my mind. It left my skin smooth afterwards, yet not too oily, and kept me smelling sweet.

White Tea and Jasmine has been my favorite of the two however, for its even more astounding scent. The scent was unspeakably calming and delicate, I..can't really describe it, haha. One of the best scents I have ever smelled, and certainly one that has me wanting more.

I've saved the Lavender one for last because I honestly am not a fan of Lavender, however this company's set may prove me otherwise.

What are your favorite and not so favorite scents?


  1. Hiya, thanks for commenting on my post. Nice blog you've got here. The bath products sounds lovely. I love fruity scents, but for the bath, my favourite scent is vetivert known for its tranquility.

  2. Hello! You're welcome, I enjoy your blog posts! The products you have are always so fun. I would recommend ordering Dark Kiss if you can, haha~ I will look at that, I've never heard of vetivert.

  3. aah a bath bomb! I thought it was really popular in aussie back then, I want to buy a bath bomb too!

  4. I say go for it! They're fantastic! :D