Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July Update-First Update In Forever!

Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven't updated this thing in forever, I've been busy and neglected my blog. So much has been going on, in my own life as well as my beauty life, I suppose.

I went to NYC last weekend for the first time and fell absolutely in love with it. I may start a travel blog to write down and keep track of what I've done, although I keep track in a travel journal. I recommend to everyone that you buy a travel journal because it's a wonderful feeling writing down adventures and memories. One thing I'll spoil from my trip is that I got to see a Cirque du Soleil show, their newest installment Zarkana. It was AMAZING. I have taken so much inspiration from both Zarkana and Cirque du Soleil overall for my fleece hats. I have also been considering clothing design...We'll see how that goes. It's just a thought, may not happen.

In other news, I was FINALLY able to go to a Lush store. I went in like a girl in a candy store and came out with a bath bomb (which smells delicious) and a bottle of creme for my best friend. Definitely a splurge, but well worth it. I definitely plan on doing a review on the products, however I am already planning to go back.

Being in North Carolina for about two weeks has given a lot of time to shop. Jewelry pieces upon clothing pieces, GOODNESS, so much. There is a cute store named Glitter which sells jewelry pieces for ONE DOLLER. Regardless of the stability and quality of the jewelry, I think that's a wonderful deal. If the cute jewelry lasts at least a year, then I'll be a happy girl. And I guarantee it will last longer than that, so hooray for me and for that store!

I have had so much going on that my brain can't take writing it all down right now, nor can my fingers. Too much to write! Hopefully updates will be done, and I can't wait to hear from you all!


TELL ME. What is your favorite inexpensive store to shop at? What store do you splurge on?

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