Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Nightly Routine

I have made quite the nightly routine for myself before bed. I am both shocked and delighted to say I have kept to it for the most part, therefore I'd like to share it with you all!

can see, I have my routine laid out. There's a makeup bag that I keep my medication, tissues, toothbrush and toothpaste, a thermometer, throat spray, as well as various other little things like hair ties and bobby pins in. This is especially nice for traveling, and as I've been interning this summer, I have taken it with me. It's great, and I love the bag! I also have my facial wipes, floss, chapstick, lotion, little chocolates, and an eyemask. Now, all that being said..let's begin!

I first like to take my medication (after having changed into my pjs, of course), as well as vitamins and other things like such. I then floss, because that medication can be pretty gritty for my teeth (I crush my medication rather than swallow it).

As you can see, I use pretty much any generic brand the dentist gives me. This happens to be Johnson&Johnson, mint flavored floss. I really only started getting in the habit of flossing (it's such a pain!), so I've been going through all of my hoarded flosses-ha ha!

Afterwards, I brush my teeth. I have a couple different toothpastes...One toothpaste was prescribed to me by the dentist because my other toothpaste, the one below, does not have enough fluoride in it. As I just said, below is my other toothpaste.

I love Colgate Optic White toothpaste. It has whitened my teeth beyond belief, and it doesn't taste that bad. I highly recommend it. My only issue is that it dries my lips out pretty badly..which takes me to my next step in the nightly routine: applying chapstick and cleaning my face.

I have been using Burt's Bees chapstick for a few years now, and I am in love with their line! The chapstick I'm currently using is mango flavored. When I saw the company sold other, facial beauty products, I was delighted and immediately took to this kind. The white tea extract facial wipes are what I swear by, because they are so easy to use and do not bother my face. I don't even wash my face at night, only use the wipes to take my makeup off. They're magical! They're also very gentle for sensitive skin, which I certainly have, and the smell is to die for. They also come in cotton, however I have only used the white tea wipes. At $6.00 or so for one pack of 30 wipes, it can be pretty expensive once you add it all up, however they are definitely worth the spend, in my opinion.

After taking my makeup off, taking my medication, brushing my teeth, and applying chapstick, I apply lotion to my hands and sometimes to my legs and feet.

I am currently using Bath and Body Works' "Sun Ripened Raspberries," which, yes, is from their retired line. They sometimes bring the scent back for a limited time, so I recommend snatching a bottle of their body wash or lotion when this scent and the chance comes around. I recommend B&B's products because they are perfect for sensitive skin and smell delicious. What is also great is that, I am allergic to almonds, which are a major ingredient in most beauty products because it makes the product softer on skin, however B&B offers two versions of their lotions--one with almond, one without. Perfect!

After doing all of the above, I settle in to either read (I am currently reading Kenneth Silverman's biography about Edgar Allan Poe) or watch my latest Korean drama. Despite what the picture shows below (which is Boys Over Flowers), I am actually watching Heirs, and am already on episode thirteen after having just started the show three days ago. I am addicted!

I like to curl up with a cup of tea, this time in my Poe mug. I have been addicted to the sleepytime Jasmine and Lemon tea. I sometimes will snack on food, which constitutes as being either blueberries or chocolate or ice cream. (I'm so healthy, right?) I then will call my man and talk until bedtime.

And that is my nightly routine! I hope you enjoyed, and I would please love for you guys to comment below what your nightly routine is!

 Ha ha!
(All pictures edited with the Iphone/Android app "Snapeee")

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