Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Favorites This Month

I have a modest post regarding favorites this month, as I do not wish to list off every single thing I have been loving; that being said, here we go!

Favorite products:
I am in love with Lush's products, what can I say? And this lip scrub is divine. It works like a charm.
This facial sunscreen works wonderfully and does wonders for my skin. It smells pretty nice, goes on smoothly, and definitely helps drier skin which, if you are like me, is needed.

Favorite snacks:

I always think it's pretty bizarre when beauty gurus share their favorite food and drinks, but I figured I'd have a go at it. I am in love with the V8 "Spicy Hot" brand. It isn't too spicy for my sensitive taste buds, and at 30 calories, plus a good serving of vegetables, you can't beat this tiny little guy!

I drink these up like soda, I swear. These are absolutely delicious, and they're full of protein and vitamins which help give me that boost when I don't normally get it during the day. They're fantastic in the morning and for lunch, and they really fill you up! They come in many other flavors, including chocolate and strawberry...highly recommended!

Favorite Shows, Books, and Accessories:

I have been obsessed with "Roommates," a new Korean reality show akin to "Big Brother," here in the U.S. It's hilarious, and the actors, actresses, musicians, and athletes are adorable! They're all so loveable, and they don't stir up drama like our American show does. They're all so polite! I love it. I'm on episode seven, and I have about six more episodes until I'm caught up. At about 2 hours long each episode, it has been difficult with my internship and being busy, to really catch up. Here's to more lovely episodes!


I am currently reading a historical non-fiction book, Rufus Wilmot Griswold, which is a biographical account of the infamous literary executor who destroyed Edgar Poe's reputation after Poe's death. Rufus has caught my fancy, so it is really rather interesting and keeps me anticipating the next chapter. Pretty good, pretty good. The purse is a vintage Coach bag my grandmother gave me, which was honestly incredibly sweet of her. I love the color, and I think it will be perfect for Fall. In fact, I am loving all of the colors in the above photo. They make me crave Fall and Halloween! Yikes!

What were some of your favorites this past month? Comment below, or write up a post and link it to me!

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