Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh, Honey!

Hello, my little bees! I hope you all have been working hard and working well!

I am here to share with you lovely-heads a topic I have wanted to blog about for a long while now-honey! In this blog post, I will discuss:
  • the benefits of honey with beauty
  • the benefits of honey with health
  • the benefits of honey as health aides 
  • honey products that I recommend to get your honey on Valentine's Day
First off, did you know that honey has many beauty benefits for your skin, face, anti-aging and hair?

According to Benefits of Honey, honey is great for anti-aging skin because it contains antibacterial agents such as antioxidants. Honey is popular for dry-skin use because it retains moisture well and gives back moisture, allowing for healthy skin. Just because it is stated that it works for dry-skin doesn't mean that all skin types can't use it; it is gentle enough for all skin types. The website above links to more information about the benefits of honey for anti-aging, as well as links to a DIY (do it yourself) facial mask.

The same goes for your hair, girls and gentlemen. Honey, because it contains moisture, is good for dry hair and preserving hair cuticles and strands from falling out. If you are suffering hair damage, or want to give your hair a healthy boost once more, try this home remedy: Voila!

Now getting back to the face, many may know already that honey is used in a lot of products, and I mean *a lot.* But do you understand what that honey is doing for your skin? We already know from the anti-aging description that honey is great for the face in that aspect because it contains all of that moisture which is great, but what else is it good for? It is wonderful for hydration and hydrating your face. Here is a link with lovely, delicious face masks to try out just for hydrating and rejuvenating your face: Voici!

Finally, I mentioned that honey is great for skin. As before, it contains a lot of moisturization, and although it may seem sticky at first, finding a great product pre-made containing honey will resolve all sticky doubts and give you smooth, tasty smelling skin.

On the subject of beauty products, Lush has a great line of honey soaps, bath bombs, etcetera. May I add, for Lush soaps, if you go into their store you can certainly ask for a small, free sample to try it out before buying the whole chunk.

 Now, what are the benefits of honey in consideration with health? Honey is great to eat because:

  • it contains natural sugars which are great for a healthy boost
  • honey, mixed with warm milk, is a great sleep aid before bed for sweet dreams and relaxing, restful hours
  • it is a great laxative for digestion 
  • it is a cough reliever
  • honey never spoils
  • and finally, among many others I could have chosen from, honey is great for healing open wounds and burns quickly-yes, you've heard me right. Girls, did you burn yourself with the straightener or curling iron? Put a dab of honey on it. Guys, did you..well, burn yourself somehow? Put some of that good stuff on. Honey, after five minutes, will immediately cool, heal and restore skin cells, healing the burn. 
  • Here are some other great uses for honey: Follow this bad boy.
In the end, my lovelies, honey is fantastic. It can be eaten, has super healing powers, NEVER expires and is great for beauty products and softening skin. With the right honey, you can put it on toast, bagels, chicken, rice, the sky's the limit! If you have any great stories with honey, feel free to comment below and tell me! Just remember to keep your honey away from Winnie the Pooh, or he'll be knocking on your door begging for some of that golden treat.

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  1. Great post! I use Rainforest honey as a face mask! Will have to give that Lush bath bomb a try.