Friday, December 30, 2011

Zum Organic Soap

Hello, my dears! I hope your holiday break has been splendid so far!

My bestie has spoiled me a lot lately, and something she knows is that I love my beauty products, as well as trying new products out. She had gotten me a bar before, but after getting me another slice, I decided it was time to finally blog about the product.

There is an organic goat's milk soap company called Indigo Wild, who, as I have suggested, sells organic soaps called Zum bars. Below is a example of one bar that I adore.

The bar is from their citrus line, comprising of sandalwood and citrus. How delicious sounding, right?! I use this soap all the time to wash my hands with, and it smells delightful! There is another soap which she had purchased for me, a Patchouli smelling soap, and I have to admit that it does smell a bit strong, however still smells pretty good. I am just not usually one for very musky scents.

Zum soaps are sold at local stores, such as Hyvee in the United States, specifically in the state of Missouri-it comes out of a company from Kansas City, Missouri-but can also be purchased online at their website. They sell many other products, such as bath salts, spritz sprays, and body washes, all at a relatively cheap price. The soaps do smell a bit strong, so I would recommend something that sounds a bit sweeter and less musky to start out with, otherwise it could be overbearing.

Now, as the title on the back of my bag suggests, Why Choose Zum? Zum contains goat's milk, which moisturizes skin and keeps oils balanced; it contains 100% pure essential oils for aromatherapy; is manufactured by hand (impressive!); and contains Grade A Juju. The bags which the soaps come in at the super market are recyclable, which is a wonderful way to help save the environment. Or, as a Lush bag once suggested to me, you can place the bag in a sock drawer and let the scent from the soap bag scent your laundry.

In conclusion, despite the nose one might need for these soaps, they are quite nice, if even for washing hands. In a world where we strive to be eco-friendly, then I say why not give this a try?

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