Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hey there, girlies!

Happy belated Thanksgiving, m'dears! I hope that it was wonderful, for those in the United States, and for those who don't live in the USA, a Happy-belated-the-24th-of-November-day to you!

I made a purchase earlier this month from Hip Hop Candy again-that store is SO cute!-and I thought I would do another review over the products I bought/share with you all the inexpensive, fantastic products!

I purchased the following products from her store:

Discontinued: Sweet Sunflower Roll-on Perfume (This picture was taken from her website)

Cotton Candy Clouds Foaming Body Wash (This picture was taken from her website)
Button: Rainbow Cloud (Picture taken from her website)

And I must say that I am impressed with all of the products once again! Not shocker there, admittedly. The body wash does not quite smell like Cotton Candy to me, but it is still yummy smelling and perfect to use as a shaving soap. The button was a gift for my best friend, and she adored it, and as the other one was made with wonderful quality, so is this one. And finally, the sunflower perfume is a hit at my job! Many have complimented saying I smell really nice and are delighted when I tell them it is my perfume. I must say that the perfume is indeed my favorite product from the purchase.

She was also kind to give a freebie surprise gift, a PB&J candle votive. I thought that that was the sweetest thing in the world! Although, I am admittedly allergic to peanuts and gave the candle to a friend (simply because I did not care for the smell..), I am very thankful for the gift, and my friend adores it.

In conclusion, all of the products are wonderful, and I plan on purchasing an item or two hopefully from her Christmas line!

The following items can be found at the links below:

Sunflower Perfume
Cotton Candy Bodywash
Cloud Button

Thank you so much again, Hip Hop Candy, for making my order a wonderful one!

I HIGHLY recommend her store.

Take care, turkeys!

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  1. I just realised I never replied you. Anything you make would be wonderful. Looking forward to the swap! Please email me your addressx